Friday, May 29, 2009


Having our fresh, wonderful CSA food inspires me to want to keep a compost bin. We don't have a yard, or even a compost bin for our apartment building-mates, so keeping a compost bin takes especial effort--remembering to bring a stinky, overflowing tupperware container over to my mom's place once a week or so, to add to her lovely compost pile. I hear wonderful things about Bokashi, an anaerobic bacteria that you sprinkle over your compost to help break it down so that the pile stays managable (volume-wise), and also reduces smell to almost nothing. I've even heard No Smell at all is possible. Of course, vermiculture (raising worms for your compost) is a great way to go too, but I always feel like the worms in the ground do their thing just fine. And it takes a bit more space than I have available in my kitchen. So, for now, our lowly tupperware/trips-to-mom's-house set up will do fine. But I look forward to upgrading to Bokashi (at least) sometime in the future.
It makes my heart glad to look at this little pile of organic matter and know that it will feed flowers and plants instead of adding to my footprint in the landfills. What do you do with your table scraps?

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