Saturday, December 25, 2010

Not much changes in the world of toilet paper design. For the past 50 years or so, it's been a staple: cardboard tube wrapped with toilet tissue. Scott, however, has broken this predictable design and to go tube-free! Think about that...this will diminish a significant amount of waste over the years! More on that here.
While I'm on the subject of toilet issues, I want to take a moment to tout the kitty litter we've been using for several months: Feline Pine scoop. The pine smells nicer to my nose and the kitties' than the scented clay stuff, and it's biodegradable! In the past I have used sWheat scoop and Yesterday's News but was none-too impressed with their clumping abilities. Since I don't scoop every day (I know I should. But I don't.), most biodegradable clumping litters tend to crumble after a day or two. Feline Pine, however, uses guar gum to enhance clumping, and it works very well.